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3 Common Problems That Affect Electric Garage Doors

Your garage door is probably the single largest moving object in your home. This also makes it one of the most dangerous moving objects around the home. As a responsible homeowner, you're expected to know what it takes to safely operate your electric garage door. One of the best ways of doing this is to understand the various common problems you're likely to encounter while using the door. Here is a look at some of the problems that commonly affect garage doors and how to deal with them.

The Garage Door Produces A Squeaking Sound

Electric garage doors are designed to open and close without any difficulty.  However, after using the door for some time, you may notice that it produces a squeaking sound whenever you open or close it.

This noise commonly emanates from rollers, springs and hinges of the garage door and should not be an immediate cause of alarm. The squeaking noise is often an indication that the mentioned parts of the door are not well-lubricated. You can salvage the situations by using spray-on lubricants to increase the lubrication in the affected area. You should ensure that the spray-on lubricant you choose is specifically for use on garage doors.

The Garage Door Is Rusty At Its Bottom

Another common problem that you're likely to encounter is rust on the bottom parts of your electric garage door. Common reasons for the formation of rust include the use of salt to melt snow that accumulates on the bottom of your door during winter.  Rust may also be a result of splattered chemicals from driveway cleaning solutions. Rust on electric garage doors can easily be scrapped off using an object such as a knife.

However, the best way to prevent rust is to ensure that there is no accumulation of moisture on its bottom parts.

Your Garage Door Cable Is Frayed

Garage door cables, just like any other parts of the door, undergo wear and tear after frequent use.  A frayed garage door cable is one which shows signs of wear near its edges.

When a garage door cable is frayed, there is not much you can do as an individual. This is because the mentioned cables operate under extremely high tension. This makes them very dangerous, especially for someone who lacks the required expertise. If your garage door cables are frayed, you should hire the services of an electric garage door technician to correct the defect.

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