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Reasons to Change out Those Curtains In Favour Of Blinds

Windows take up a significant amount of wall space. Therefore, they end up being an integral part of your interior decorating. Although curtains are one of the more traditional ways to decorate your windows, they are not the only alternative to window furnishing. Blinds can offer you aesthetic appeal with enhanced functionality, which has made their popularity soar in recent years. The following are some of the reasons why you should contemplate switching out your curtains in favour of blinds.

Blinds provide you with enhanced durability

A major benefit of blinds is that they are significantly sturdier than other window furnishings. Since curtains are made from fabric, they are susceptible to an array of superficial damage such as fading, mould, staining and more. Blinds, on the other hand, will either be made of waterproof materials or will be sealed, making them ideal for areas exposed to high levels of moisture such as bathrooms, kitchens and more. Moreover, blinds will not require intensive cleaning to keep them looking pristine. Whereas curtains would have to be washed and dried on a regular basis to eliminate grime, all you would be required to do is wipe your blinds. This makes them convenient for people who would not want to engage in tedious cleaning practices for their window furnishings to remain appealing.

Blinds provide you with enhanced privacy

If you live in a busy neighbourhood, one of your primary concerns would be your privacy. Although curtains can obscure direct sightlines into your home, they do not prevent outsiders from silhouettes of the residents within your home. If you would prefer total privacy, then you should consider blinds. Dual blinds, for example, have a layer of sheer drapery beneath the slats of the blinds. This gives you control on how much light you would like to penetrate into your home, while still ensuring that passersby cannot see into your residence.

Blinds provide you with ultraviolet protection

Although natural light is considered a premium by most homeowners, excessive exposure to direct sunlight can lead to various problems in the home. Most commonly, direct exposure to the sun will cause the premature ageing and fading of your upholstery. This is also a concern if you have wood floors as they can begin to crack, warp and develop other forms of structural damage. Another issue you may come across with too much sun in your home is glare on your TV screen, computer monitors and more. To limit this exposure, you should opt for blinds with UV protection that will allow light in but keep away the harmful ultraviolet rays.