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Dump The Toxins By Using Homemade Toilet Cleaners

Commercial cleaners pose different health hazards. Some cause immediate dangers such as chemical burns, watery eyes and respiratory irritation. Others are responsible for chronic and long-term effects such as cancer. You can decide to dump the toxins by learning how to make your own homemade cleaners for your commercial plumbing system. Here's a guide to making your own cleaners instead of risking your health.

Essential Oil Disinfecting Cleaner

To prepare this you will need white vinegar, baking soda and essential oil. Tea tree essential oil makes a good disinfectant. Mix ¾ cup of vinegar with ¾ cup of baking soda. Add 10 drops of the essential oil. The solution needs to be strong to disinfect effectively. You can use a wooden spoon or pestle to stir the solution.

Apply the solution immediately. The solution will foam and fizz. Scrub the toilet until you achieve the desired result. The vinegar and baking soda solution will loosen the grime and dirt. Additionally, vinegar is effective in killing mould and bacteria. However, tougher stains will need a homemade scrub.

Homemade Soft Scrub

For this recipe, you will need borax in addition to vinegar, baking soda and essential oil. Again, tee tree oil makes a good choice for this recipe because it has anti-bacterial properties. The solution can be used on toilet surfaces and in the toilet bowl.

To prepare the scrub, mix 1 cup of white vinegar with half a cup of baking soda. To the mixture, add ½ teaspoon of essential oil. Apply the solution on the bowl and toilet seat. Sprinkle in borax solution and allow the mixture to sit for several minutes. Using a toilet brush, clean the toilet by applying force on stained areas.

Rust And Lime Scale Cleaner

Vinegar and lemon juice are effective in removing stubborn stains caused by rust and lime scale. For quick stain removal, soak the spots with 2 cups of white vinegar and a few drops of lemon juice.  Allow the solution to sit for a few minutes and then scrub using a brush. You can spray vinegar and lemon juice several times in a week to prevent the build-up of stains. This will make subsequent cleaning very easy.

Heavy rust spots need to be saturated with vinegar or lemon juice. For better results, spot clean using both agents. You can also scrub using a pumice stone in case of tough stains. For hard water, you may need to use several applications. In addition to lemon juice and vinegar, you can add baking soda to remove urine and blood stains.