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4 Home Repair Jobs That Should Always Be Left to a Professional

Being handy with repair work around the house can save you time and money, and can also ensure your home is always in good working order. However, no matter how skilled you are with tools and how much you know about your home's structure, there are some repair jobs that are best left to a professional. Note a few of those here and why a homeowner should never try to tackle them on their own.

1. Asbestos removal

Asbestos is actually inert and not dangerous as long as it remains unmoved. This is why a professional company (such as ASBESTOP) is best left to this job; rather than vacuuming it or trying to tear it down, they may simply remove the portions of the walls and ceiling that contain asbestos and then have those portions replaced. The asbestos can then be safely transported to a facility where it can be recycled or disposed of without it becoming airborne.

2. Mold removal

Like asbestos, mold is dangerous when its spores become airborne but coming into contact with standing mold is also very dangerous as well. Mold spores can settle onto your skin and cause a severe allergic reaction, and they are very difficult to scrub off. A professional will have the right protective clothing and gear to use when removing mold and can do this without allowing it to become airborne or to come into contact with anyone in the home. They can also ensure they clean away all traces of mold, which is important as it does seep into cracks in wood and other materials and can continue to grow if not cleaned properly.

3. Roof repair and replacement

It's always good to leave roof repair and replacement work to professionals as it's very dangerous to be on a roof—especially when working with tools and supplies. Slipping from a ladder or off a roof can result in serious injuries and even cause a fatality. While you may think you know how to repair a roof, keeping yourself safe while on the roof is an entirely different matter and this should always be left to a professional.

4. Driveway repair and replacement

If you need to underpin your concrete driveway or pour a new one, this is a job that should be left to a professional. Your driveway needs to be level and you need to understand drainage issues when making repairs or installing a new drive, and you need to ensure you pour the concrete thick enough so that it's durable and lasts. A professional will be able to handle all these factors and ensure your new drive is perfect for your home.