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Why Opt For A Built-in Wardrobe?

When looking for residential wardrobes, there are two primary types of wardrobes to choose from. The first of these is the free standing or conventional wardrobe while the second one is the built-in wardrobes.  Free standing wardrobes are independent units while built-in wardrobes are fitted into a wall and are non-detachable.

There are several advantages that built-in wardrobes have over their free standing counterparts. These advantages make built-in wardrobes the preferred choice for a large number of homeowners. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in a built-in wardrobe.

Built-In Wardrobes Allow For Maximum Use Of Available Space

The number one reason why you should invest in a built-in wardrobe is the fact that you will have more space within the room for other items. Unlike their free standing counterparts, built-in wardrobes do not occupy any extra space within the room. This is because these wardrobes are fitted into the wall and so the space they occupy was previously part of the wall.  For this reason, built-in wardrobes are preferred for use in situations where there is a limited amount of physical space in a room. With a fitted or built-in wardrobe, you will be able to make maximum use of the space available in your rooms.

Built-In Wardrobes Are Cost Effective

In addition to maximising the use of available space, built-in wardrobes are also advantageous in the sense that they are cost effective.

Contrary to what a large number of homeowners believe, built-in wardrobes are often cheaper than their free-standing counterparts. This is for the simple reason that the making of a built-in wardrobe uses fewer materials than those used to make free standing wardrobes.

A large number of residential wardrobes are made of wood.  A wooden built-in wardrobe will use less wood because there is no need for wood at the top of the wardrobe, on its back and even on its floor. A built-in wooden wardrobe will therefore use less raw materials and this easily translates to lower costs of individual wardrobe units.

Built-In Wardrobes Are Suitable For Irregularly Shaped Rooms

Last but not least, built-in wardrobes are advantageous in the sense that they are suitable for use in rooms that are irregularly shaped. The construction of built-in wardrobes is done with your room in mind. The wardrobe can therefore be made to fit into awkward spaces where free standing wardrobes are unable to fit.

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