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Brick Paver Patio: Maintenance Guidelines

The popularity of brick paver patios has risen in the recent past because of the aesthetics, charm and expediency presented by the style. There is a wide range of colours, styles and sizes available to suit every homeowner's preference and taste. Like every other constructed feature, maintenance is necessary to ensure that there is long-term service and that the visual impact remains positively tremendous. Here are some of the main ways in which you can ensure the longevity of your patio and avoid accelerated deterioration.

Limit Erosion

One of the common problems experienced after a brick paver patio is installed is the erosion between the joints of the pieces. This unfavourable occurrence exposes the base material used during construction, which in turn leads to settling. When the weather becomes extremely hot or cold, the pavers start expanding and contracting, which causes them to move because the fit is no longer tight. Adding sand between the joints will solve this problem and ensure that the brick pavers stay in place such that the patio remains neat and attractive. The specialised sand, usually the standard sweep variety, is sold in most local stores and is simple to use. Basically, you will pour the sand all over the patio and then sweep it into the brick joints. The product will become compacted in the paver spaces so that erosion will be mitigated.

Weed Removal

The growth of weeds between the joints in the patio is unattractive and annoying for most homeowners. There are simple maintenance solutions for preventing the continued progress of the problem. Use a quality herbicide to kill the weeds, and its toxicity will also prevent the regrowth of the plants for the foreseeable future. However, this is not an ideal solution if you have children or curious pets because they could be exposed to the poisonous nature of the chemical. A vinegar solution can be used instead to kill the weeds, but the effects are not as remarkable. Lemon juice can also be used but it is the least effective.

Sealing the Patio

The ultimate way to uphold the beautiful state of the patio is to use sealant periodically. There are products specifically designed to help preserve the colour of the brick pavers as well as prevent the eventual weathering. In addition, it ensures that the patio does not get stained because the surface becomes easier to clean. You can also use a joint sealant to stabilise the bricks and advance the durability.

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