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What are the Five Most Popular Australian Grass Types?

There are a wide variety of different types of grass available, when seeding your lawn in Australia. What are the most popular types, especially if you live in the warmer regions?

Buffalo is the most popular type of grass to be found in suburban lawns. It is very distinctive as it has a wide leaf blade and it's both durable and easy to maintain. In recent years scientists have engineered a different variety of Buffalo grass which has a much softer "feel." As a consequence, many home owners choose this option whenever they have children looking for a place to play. Ideally, select this option if your garden enjoys quite a lot of shade.

Queensland Blue Couch is a perennial favourite, it does very well in humid, hot conditions. It grows at a steady rate and therefore does not require a great deal of mowing and maintenance. It can be recognised by its distinctive blue/green coloration. Be careful to try and avoid any infestation, however, as this grass is not very tolerant to weed spraying.

Zoysia grass has been around for some time, but has only recently become popular. It is probably the hardiest of all options and is very tolerant to heat. It won't complain very much during those long, dry summers, will lay dormant in the wintertime and needs very little fertiliser. It is not very sensitive, so the kids can play on this to their heart's content. Due to its tenacity, especially in the warmer regions of the country, you will come across this grass in many public areas, parks and adjacent to government buildings.

Kikuyu grass originated in Kenya. It is bright green, with a medium width of leaf and a softer touch. It is very adaptable in any type of soil condition and once again loves humidity, heat and the unrelenting Australian sun. This type of grass will grow very fast, however and may be difficult to contain. You will need frequent visits from your lawn maintenance crew, especially during the hotter months. You may opt for one of the lesser maintenance alternatives, unless you have a heavily trafficked area. In this case, Kikuyu will likely stand up better than anything else.

Couch grass seeds some of the more recognisable domestic lawns, as it is very cost-effective and can withstand a reasonable amount of wear and tear. This variant will also require a lot of maintenance and regular lawn mowing. You also need to maintain fertiliser treatment around the year, or it'll quickly deteriorate. However, one of the least endearing qualities of Couch is the fact that it is very invasive and difficult to control.

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