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The Advantages Of Opting For Engineered Timber Flooring

Are you in the process of selecting timber flooring, but are not yet decided on the type that best matches your requirements? Then consider choosing engineered timber flooring because of the many different advantages that it has to offer. Make sure that you invest some time in educating yourself on what these advantages are so that you can decide using accurate information whether engineered timber flooring is a great option for you.

Environmentally-friendly: Engineered timber is more environmentally friendly than other options. One reason is because of the way it is manufactured—no sawdust is produced because it is sliced rather than cut. As a result, less wood is wasted during the manufacture of engineered timber flooring. Also the trees that are used to make engineered timber grow considerably faster than the ones used to make hardwood timber flooring. For that reason it's a more renewable type of flooring surface.

Moisture: Most wooden flooring options have one common concern—moisture accumulation. Once wood acquires too much moisture, it can become damaged, and as a result the quality of your flooring will be significantly reduced. Engineered wooden flooring is built to have layers that prevent the moisture from entering wooden flooring at any meaningful depth. As a result engineered wooden flooring will not experience shrinkage or warp.

Cost: Due to the efficient production methods of engineered wooden flooring, it costs less than hardwood options. Furthermore, the flooring comes in thinner slices than with other flooring types, and this is where some of the cost savings are made. Due to the lower costs, you can afford to kit out a larger portion of your home with wooden flooring. This is especially advantageous if before there were limitations as a result of a tight budget.

Installation: The installation of engineered flooring is easier that with other types of flooring to the extent that the majority of homeowners attempt to do it themselves. The benefits of installing your own floors come in the form of savings. This is quite an important consideration because in some cases the cost of the installation can be bigger than the cost of the flooring itself.

Variety of installation options: Part of the reason why engineered timber flooring is easy to install is because of the variety of ways than you can bond the flooring to the subflooring. The options include glue, nails and staples. Furthermore, because they can be installed in a variety of ways they are compatible with a wide range of subflooring types.

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