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5 Ways To Turn Your Kitchen From Gloomy To Glamorous

Kitchens receive a lot of attention when it comes to renovations and makeovers. The reason for that is that kitchens are the most functional areas in a home. A glamorous, high-end kitchen forms a focal point in any home. Unfortunately, many people don't get to achieve the high-end look they desire. Why? They simply do not know what decorative aspects to pay attention to. If you're planning to give your kitchen a makeover, the following tips will show you how you can avoid falling into the same trap.

Don't skimp on quality

Rule number one: don't cut corners. If you want quality work, hire a high-end contractor. The same applies to materials. For best results, go for the very best timber, tiles and furniture. The very best does not have to be most expensive. Do some research and check the materials and manufacturer of your supplies.

Keep it simple with the colours

Another way to attain a glam kitchen is to avoid having too many visual distractions. High-end kitchens are classy. They are not overdone when it comes to decor. Keep it simple when choosing what colours to go with. Stick to two or three colours in total. If possible, match your walls with the furniture. Avoid patterns in your tiles and walls as they are hard to match. When it comes to colors, stick with proven designs; for instance, wood floors go best with white walls and brown or grey furniture.

Embrace contemporary ideas

To get your kitchen to stand out, upgrade your ideas from traditional choices to contemporary ones. For example, choose a glass backsplash over a tiled one. With sinks, get a ceramic one instead of stainless steel. In the same breath opt for wooden or marble counters instead of tiles or metal. Such qualities will differentiate your kitchen from ordinary to high-end.

Use up the least space possible

Avoid cramming too many things into your kitchen. Don't add everything you can find into your kitchen. Instead, remove everything you can do without. This will create space, providing better aesthetics and functionality.

Light your kitchen up

Good lighting is a secret ingredient that goes a long way in making your kitchen stand out. Light makes your colors appear bolder and your fixtures seem cleaner and shinier. You can also cast the right glow over your kitchen with the right light e.g. white or golden. With that in mind, make sure your kitchen has enough light.

Getting your kitchen from gloomy to glamorous is a bold move. There is no middle ground so you have to get it right. Talk to a kitchen make-over specialist. They can help you actualize your dream kitchen without coming up short.