How I Created a Great Garden and a Dream Home

3 Ways to Shape Your Garden & Ultimately Secure Your Home

It's never a pleasant thought to consider, but without implementation of the necessary precautions and safety measures, your home will always remain at risk of burglary, invasion and vandalism. It's absolutely vital that you do everything in your power to keep your household protected at all costs, and shrewdly landscaping your garden is just one of the many ways to do so.

Your garden is what every budding thief is forced to try and conquer first, and by designing and shaping the front of your house in particular way, you can make criminal entry into your home extremely difficult to manage. Listed here are 3 great improvements and alterations you can make to your garden in order make thieves think twice about trying their luck with your property.

Thorny Window Bushes

Your windows are often the main access point that thieves will look to utilise in order to climb into your home. It doesn't matter if they are opportunist or strategic—burglars will almost always look for windows to climb in through before they try the front door as they won't necessarily have to deal with multiple locks or a hallway alarm system.  

You can help to deter thieves by planting thorny rose bushes just below any windows on your house. Not only will these provide your property with a sophisticated appearance, more importantly they will force any intruders to seriously reconsider attempting entry. Having their skin and clothes shredded is not any burglar's agenda, and he/she will always look elsewhere if they see sharp, problematic bushes below their aimed point of entry.

Trim & Open

Whilst placing some thorny bushes below your windows is an excellent idea to deter thieves, it is also important to make them tight and compact so as not to provide intruders with any possible opportunity to hide. When landscaping your garden to make it more difficult for burglars to get through, it might be tempting to throw up big, looming bushes and tall trees to halt them in their tracks. In reality, this is actually one of the worst things you can do.

Wide open lawns are the ones that burglars are afraid of most as they have absolutely nowhere to hide if the security alarm or lights flick on. By making all the bushes and plants nice and trim, you can make sure that any potential thief has no place to find shelter. Tall plants can act as a point of access for criminals too, so make sure that any trees or large plants anywhere near your home are trimmed, cut down, or removed completely.

Gravel & Flower Beds

Gravel and flower beds may not seem like the most obvious choices to deter potential crooks, but you'd be surprised how much burglars despise home gardens that contain these two features. Gravel immediately puts off any thief that's scouting out your home, as very often they want to make a fast, silent entry that will go completely unnoticed. The crunch of gravel has the potential to make enough noise to alert the homeowner, and thieves will certainly look for an alternative property after seeing a home with gravel laid out along the front porch, beneath the windows, or as part of a garden path.

Whilst flower beds don't necessarily look foreboding to ordinary homeowners, they certainly do to burglars. Anything that has the potential to trap a footprint is seen as dangerous by any thief, and given their ability to catch DNA and clues, flower beds are an excellent—and handsome—addition to your home's front garden.

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