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Kitchen Resurfacing Ideas for Those on a Tight Budget

Having a limited budget doesn't mean you need to put off resurfacing your kitchen, as there are many affordable options available to homeowners today. This is true no matter the overall look you want to achieve for your kitchen and no matter the surface that needs redoing. Before you decide that you cannot afford to resurface an area of your kitchen, note a few of those affordable options:

1. Use recycled and reclaimed materials

Salvage yards today may have a wide array of materials that you can use for your kitchen resurfacing and which cost much less than virgin materials. You can opt for reclaimed wood pieces to create a butcher-block countertop or for wood floorboards. In some cases you may need to put in more work to cut them to fit your countertop or floor rather than customer ordering these surfaces, but the cost savings can be worth the extra money spent.

You may also find slabs or tiles of granite, slate, marble, polished glass, and other high-end materials that would work for your kitchen's surfaces. These materials are often taken from renovation or demolition projects and still have years of life left in them.

For countertops, you may need to apply stone in smaller pieces than having one solid piece installed, and this too may create more work because of having to add grout between each piece. However, this extra work can mean being able to afford the materials you want in your kitchen.

2. Choose cement or concrete

Poured concrete is quickly becoming a choice for many homeowners today as it's very durable and affordable, and also very versatile. Concrete can be painted to look like granite or slate. It can be buffed to look like glass, or stained as it is for a very rustic look. Concrete is very affordable and can be used on both floors and countertops.

3. Work with your existing materials

Rather than tearing out all your kitchen surfaces, consider how to work with the materials you currently have so you can save money. You might have wood countertops sanded down and then painted with a special finish that looks like marble or granite. Wood cabinets can also be sanded and you might simply replace the doors and drawer fronts for a fresh look, rather than installing new cabinets just to improve their surface appearance.

Wood floorboards can be sanded and then painted for a fresh look if their surface will not hold a stain. Ask your contractor about these choices before you assume that your kitchen's surfaces need to actually be replaced for a new look. To learn more, contact a company like Super Resurfacing.