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The Hottest Trends in Kitchens That You'll Want in Your Home

Today's kitchen remodels are about more than just repainting. When you want to upgrade your kitchen, you'll want to think about how to make it more functional as well as more inviting, and choose materials that work for you personally. Note a few of the hot trends in kitchens that you'll want to consider for your home and why they're such popular choices:

1. Recycled, reclaimed, and Eco-friendly materials

Homeowners are becoming more and more aware of how upgrades and renovations to their home affect the environment, especially when they need to harvest virgin materials for flooring and countertops. Today's more Eco-friendly choices include bamboo for wood floors and counters, as well as recycled or reclaimed wood, tile and glass. Work with a contractor that knows where to get salvaged pieces if you want an Eco-friendly kitchen upgrade.

2. Smart appliances

Kitchen appliances are becoming more intelligent, thanks to computerized features that allow you more options for their use. Touch screen stovetops allow you to see a recipe right on the stove and access social media sites as well; the induction stovetop only interacts with metal, so your fingers are safe as you swipe through screens.

Ranges and ovens can be controlled through smart phones so you don't need to be home to turn them on or off, and may also come with internal thermometers so they automatically shut off when food is done cooking. Invest in these appliances so that you get help with cooking from the appliances themselves.

3. Eat-in spaces

The kitchen has become the social center of the family for many homes, which is why so many kitchens are now designed to open right up into the family room or dining room. An eat-in space in the kitchen can also allow for socializing while food is being prepped. It doesn't take much space to extend your center island and create a breakfast bar, or to add a counter to one wall, along with some bar-stools. Even in smaller kitchens, a fold-up table can fit under a window for seating that is easy to remove when not in use.

4. Recycling centers

Along with making Eco-friendly choices, homeowners may want to add actual recycling centers to their kitchens so that everyone is encouraged to recycle as much as possible. This can be a separate closet with recycling bins or a compactor that isn't for trash but for aluminum cans or plastic bottles.

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