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How to Make Your Luxury Home More Eco-Friendly

Before you have your contractor actually build your new luxury home, you might want to discuss some eco-friendly options with him or her. This will mean options that use less energy and fewer natural resources for the home's construction and beyond. You don't need to sacrifice comfort or luxury to enjoy these options for your home, so note the following suggestions:

1. Low-flow toilets and urinals

Low-flow toilets will cut down on your water consumption, as will urinals. These use much less water with each flush than standard toilets. Since you need to have these plumbing fixtures installed in your home anyway, why not opt for those that will use less water each and every day?

2. Metal roof

A metal roof can be made from recycled pieces, and is easier to recycle than asphalt tiles and shingles if you should ever decide to have it replaced or will renovate your home. Metal may also be a better insulator for your home as it can be shaped around and over corners, providing a tight seal. In turn, you may lose less heat and air conditioning throughout the year and use less energy to keep your home comfortable.

3. Radiant heating

Radiant heating refers to heating coils that run underneath the floorboards, and which circulate heated water. This type of heating typically uses less energy than forced air heat, and it may be more comfortable as well. Since your feet come into contact with the heated floorboards, you feel warmer than you would in a room that is heated with air that may come through a vent across the room from you. This too may mean using less energy to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

4. Bamboo

Bamboo is a very sustainable material, meaning it can be replenished easily since it grows so quickly. It's a good choice for wood floors since bamboo can be replaced naturally much faster than oak or other hardwoods. It's also easier to recycle bamboo than it is carpeting, so if you decide to renovate your home in the future and need to pull up your flooring, the wood can be reused. Bamboo is also typically easier to harvest than many natural stones, which may involve blasting and drilling to pull from the ground. For a very Eco-choice for your flooring and for any other wood products in the home such as cabinets, cupboards, and even custom wood furniture, consider bamboo.

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