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Surprising Services Offered by Most Interstate Removalist Companies

It's good to call a removalist company when you're changing residences, simply because they can ensure that your goods are safe when on the road. They can pack the truck properly so that nothing gets damaged and use whatever padding is necessary to keep things from being broken. However, this is not the only service offered by most interstate removalist companies.

Their other services can make your move easier on you overall. Note a few of those services and why you might want to look into them the next time you're ready to move:

1. Storage services

Using short-term storage during a move can have many advantages for you. One is that you can start packing now, as soon as you know you're going to move, and then put boxes into storage. This can keep them from being underfoot, while allowing you the time you need to pack properly and not feel rushed the weekend of your move. You can then also move boxes out of storage as is convenient for you.

Long-term storage can also help when you want to downsize. You can move into that retirement condo or smaller apartment while not having to part with your cherished belongings. A removalist company can often help you properly pack items specifically for storage; they may recommend the type of bin that will keep moths away from clothes, and pack those clothes properly so they don't get wrinkled or otherwise ruined. They may also pack away antiques and artwork so that they're preserved while in storage.

2. Closing and opening properties

Opening a property means ensuring that the utilities are hooked up before you move in, and having it cleaned inside and out. They may work with landscapers and even window washers to ensure a home is in pristine condition before you move in. The same can be done for a property you're leaving; a removalist company may work with your utility companies to get those shut down as needed, and then also clean the property once you leave. This can guarantee you get back a deposit from an apartment and don't overlook anything when you move.

3. Hooking up electronics

In some cases a removalist company will not only unpack your items but also help you to hook up electronics. They might mount a flat-screen TV to the wall, connect all your entertainment devices and even hook up your computer and printer. This can be a very useful service for those who are not familiar with how to connect all those peripherals and ensure that they're protected with the right surge protectors and other accessories.

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