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Kitchen Remodel: Creating a Plan with Kitchen Designers

When entering a kitchen remodel, most home owners have already invested time into studying latest design trends and reviewing styles of cabinets, flooring, countertops, and appliances. You've likely highlighted and/or saved multiple design layouts from home and garden magazines, creating a rough image in your mind of the color scheme and finishes you'd like to have featured in your brand new kitchen. However, despite all of this, you probably have no clear plan for what it is you will be doing with your kitchen remodel. 

This is a common issue for most home owners at the start of the remodeling process, and it's also why there are professionals at your disposal to help you create a plan and stick to it to ensure your remodel goes smoothly and you're happy with the final result.

Create your renovation plan

Hire a team of kitchen designers who are going to assess your current kitchen, measuring appliances, counter space, the overall space of the room, and maybe even neighboring rooms if expansion of your kitchen is necessary to achieve a better remodeled finish.

What is next?

Next, your designer will review the floor plan of your home, making note of the existing doors, windows, plumbing, and electrical wiring that goes into your kitchen. After reviewing all aspects of your previous kitchen, they will interview you to determine why you want the remodel, what aspects of your current kitchen you're desperate to change, how much money is in your budget and how quickly you'd want the remodel completed. At this stage, they will also walk you through the kitchen, sharing their initial thoughts on upgrades you should consider.

Designing a detailed plan for your kitchen

Using all of this information, your designer will take a few days to design a detailed plan for your new kitchen, taking into account the cost of new appliances, materials, and labour. Most experienced design contractors will leave a small amount of your budget untouched as backup finances, should an unexpected expense arise during the remodel. Always be sure to ask your contractor if they've set aside said backup funds to gauge their experience in the industry. Your designer will also provide you with a timeline for the plan, setting completion goals for major remodel milestones like demolition, installation of new appliances, countertops and cabinetry and final finishing touches.

With advancements in technology, most kitchen remodels are presented as 3D renderings on computers. The 3D rendering is used to give home owners a realistic visual of what they can expect once their renovation is completed. Your designer will walk you through every aspect of the rendering and, if applicable, may ask you to make final design decisions like choosing between furniture, countertop slabs, or even between design features that may be outside of your budget.

Once you've made your final decisions and agreed to the project timelines, budget, and finished rendering, your kitchen remodel will be ready to move into the demolition stage.