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Three Tips for Staying in Motels with Your Dog

If you are a frequent traveller, you should consider taking your dog along with you. This will promote a deeper bond with the canine and eliminate the long periods of separation anxiety for you and your pet. In addition, you will not have to worry about potential negligence in kennels or at a neighbour's home. One of the best accommodation spots that you should consider staying in with your pet is a motel, such as Ashfield's Philip Lodge Motel. These establishments are fairly cheap, generally accessible and many have become pet-friendly over the last few years. Here are some tips to help you make the stay more comfortable.

Check the Pet Policy

The hospitality industry is more accommodating to canine guests but all motels are not flexible. It is important to inquire about pet policies before making your official reservation. You should never attempt to sneak in your dog into the establishment if pets are not allowed. This is discourteous and you will expose yourself to financial liabilities. In addition, it is important to learn about the charges for guests with pets. Some will charge per day and others will have a fixed base rate regardless of the length of stay. You can avoid complications and unforeseen expenses by understanding the potential prices. Finally, make a reservation for your dog as early as possible instead of just showing up with the pet. This will allow the motel to prepare sufficiently for your stay.

Bring Beddings

You should bring your dog's beddings if you plan on staying in a motel. These will help the pet feel more at home in the room because of the familiar scent. The dog will also be more comfortable when sleeping on a bed, instead of the motel floor. If your pet sleeps on your bed at home, it is likely to jump on the one in the motel room. This can be detrimental because the beddings will become furry. You can be charged for the required thorough cleaning or even banned for irresponsible use of the resources. Carry your personal sheets and cover the bed to avoid these problems.

Choose an Ideal Room

You should choose an appropriate room to accommodate the dog's special needs. Ideally, a room on the ground floor is perfect because you will not need to haul the pet up the stairs. In addition, it will make leaving the room easier when the dog needs some potty time. However, if your dog is comfortable with elevators and one is available, you can choose any room.