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Why Call an Emergency Locksmith When Locked Out of Your Car?

If you've been locked out of your car, you may be tempted to try to get back in by reaching a coat hanger or something else between the window pane and the rubber seal around the door window to get to the lock itself. You might also try picking the lock or using someone else's key in your car door, trying to force it open. These are not good ways to try to get yourself back in your car. Note why you should call an emergency locksmith instead, and especially so if you've misplaced your keys altogether.

1. Car won't start

If you've misplaced your keys altogether and manage to get yourself back into the car, how will you then start it? You might assume that a friend's key that is similar to yours will work in the ignition if you can use it to force open the car door, but note that most cars today have advanced security features that keep the car from starting without the right key. Your car's computer needs to communicate with the transponder key that is meant for the ignition, and if you use any other key, your car might not start. An emergency locksmith can not only open your car door safely and easily but then also provide you with a new key that will work in the ignition.

2. Damage to car

One thing to remember about trying to break into your own car today is that car designs are typically more secure than ever before; those seals that you could easily push out of the way in a car window a few years ago are now tighter and smaller than on an older car model and not meant to be easily pushed and pulled. The car's window pane may also not have as much 'give' so that it won't move out of the way of the seal as easily and may instead simply break. Locks are also usually designed so that they cannot simply be pulled up with a coat hanger or screwdriver or other device you might try. Your attempts may not only be futile but they may just wind up damaging your car and those repairs may be more expensive than the cost of an emergency locksmith.

3. Security

If you're trying to break into your own car after a lockout, note if your own safety might be at risk. Is it late at night, and is your car in a dark and empty parking lot? Are you in an unfamiliar neighborhood? Are you alone? Rather than spending all those minutes and even hours trying to get into your car, it can be good to call an emergency 24 hour locksmith just for your own security and safety as he or she can get you back into your car and get you on the road quickly.