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Selecting the right furniture for your garden

When the weather is just right, hanging out in the garden of your home is a very appealing and attractive notion. However, relaxing and unwinding in the outdoors does not only involve games but also includes sitting down and chatting as well as reclining with a book and a drink. To accomplish, this one needs furniture in the garden.

There are many factors to consider when buying outdoor furniture, and these are looked at in detail below so that you can choose the best pieces to set up in your backyard.

Material used for the furniture

Different materials have different inherent properties and you should be aware of them so that you can make an informed decision. Wood furniture gives the garden a very homey look. It is very good for those hot summer days because it does not conduct heat very well, thus providing cool surfaces to lean against, unlike metallic furniture.

Steel pieces of furniture, just like wooden ones, are sturdy and can therefore support your weight if you are of a heavy build. One should, however, take care to note that steel, if not of the stainless kind, rusts. Aluminium, on the other hand, is rust proof as well as providing the other advantageous properties of metal furniture.

Plastic furniture is very light and resistant to most effects of exposure to the elements. They can easily be stored since they can stack up and easily be carried. Rattan furniture is also light and needs only light maintenance to keep off effects of the elements. These days, however, plastic is being made to make this kind of furniture so as to combine the aesthetic appeal of the rattan pieces and the weather resistant advantage of the plastic.

Test the size, structure and finish of the furniture

Garden furniture is meant to be relaxing and it is vital that, before you carry it out of the store, you make sure that it will provide all the relaxation and comfort ably. Check out if the seats of the chairs are too long or too narrow. The height of the chair seat from the ground should also not be too low since this will make it difficult for some people to get up out of the chair.

The furniture should also be able to take your weight effortlessly. You should see if rigid structures warp when you sit or if they creak. Wobbly legs on the pieces should also be avoided. The wooden furniture should be sanded down all over so that all surfaces are smooth. The joints should also fit snugly.

Welded areas on the steel and aluminium pieces should be as unobtrusive as possible. The paint over these areas should be even so that there's uniformity all over the piece to keep in line with the even paint theme.


According to How Stuff Works; Home and Garden, the best time to buy garden furniture is when the season they are needed for has passed. This means that there will be offers and discounts as stores try to get rid of the old stock.

It also pays to check out the prices at other stores so that you compare and get good deals on royal garden outdoor furniture.