How I Created a Great Garden and a Dream Home

Building a new home for your larger family

If you have a larger modern family with people with different ages and needs in the home, you might find that a home designed for a small family just doesn't work for you. Building a new home gives you the flexibility to build a house that is perfect for your family.  Here are some reasons that having a new home built can be a great way to suit your family.

Elderly parents

If you have elderly parents living with you, or feel that your parent will need to move in with you in the future, it can be a great idea to build a house with a connected granny flat. The granny flat can be built with a connecting door to the main house so that your parents can have a degree of privacy. You can also ensure that the apartment is set up to be suitable for elderly people by including features such as easy grip door knobs, large light switches and flat doors with no trims or hobs to create trip hazards.

Multiple age groups

If you have children of different ages from more than one marriage, you may find that their different needs can lead to clashes in how the spaces are used. It can be useful to have a hub and spoke model of housing, where you have separate living spaces for older and younger children that lead off into bedrooms for those age groups.

This gives everyone room to spread out and keeps the bedrooms separated so that everyone gets enough sleep. The separate living areas mean that the older children can play video games and watch mature movies in one room, and the younger children can have cartoons and spread out their toys in the other rooms.

Enough bathrooms

While extra bathrooms do mean extra cleaning, having enough space for everyone to separately toilet, clean and get ready for the day can prevent many small arguments in the house. If you are building a new house, its often cheaper to build bathrooms in from the start rather than retro fitting, due to the cost of moving services such as sewer lines and hot water.

Modern family homes no longer need to house only small nuclear families. Having a new home that is designed around your family's needs and requirements can help improve your lifestyle and happiness. Why not meet with new home builders and explore the options that suit your budget for a new family home?