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How to Make the Most of Your Tiny Kitchen Space

Tiny Houses are a huge trend at the moment. People are really beginning to recognise that acquiring more and more doesn't make them any happier and they can have a vastly improved life with greater freedom and less financial stress if they switch their ordinary home for a Tiny House.

But no matter where you live, you still have to cook. Kitchens can present a huge challenge for tiny houses because kitchens tend to require a lot of "stuff", whether ingredients or pots and pans, and where exactly can you put all that stuff and have to space to prep food in the tiniest of tiny kitchens?

Well, it's not easy, but you can have a fully functioning kitchen in a tiny house by following some of these tips.

Be smarter with appliances. Although you do need a certain amount of kit in a kitchen to make great meals, people often impulse buy appliances and never use them. Ask yourself if you really require that gigantic blender that takes up valuable counter space, or could you switch to just an immersion blender that can easily be tucked away in a drawer when it's not in use? Similarly, bulky items like electric kettles are just unnecessary in tiny kitchens. Even if you can't start each morning without a cup of tea, boiling some water in a pan that you can also use for making pasta sauces and scrambled eggs will work just as well.

Cover your sink. One of the biggest drains on space in any kitchen is the sink, but of course, you need this for washing the dishes. What you can do is have a chopping board custom made so that it fits right on top of your sink. This will enable you to cover your sink when it's not being used and use that space to get some food prep done.

Use your walls. With minimal counter space, it's imperative that you use every last inch of your walls if you want to fit all your appliances inside your kitchen. Shelves from a company like Cabinetry Solutions are a good way to go because everything will be visible within easy reach. But you can also be more innovative with the space and hang things like chopping boards from your wall. You could also use the backs of cupboards and big appliances like fridges to magnetically attach knives and other items.

Enjoy cooking delicious meals and treats in your improved tiny kitchen.