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Vacuum Cleaners | 4 Trendy Vacuum Cleaner Features To Make House Cleaning More Fun

Modern vacuum cleaners are now available in all types of trendy designs, eye-catching colours and sleek styles –– giving you access to a myriad of options. While these must-have appliances are important to your home, some features make the cleaning task even more seamless and friendly. This detailed guide will introduce you to trendy features to make cleaning a more fun experience.

Brush Agitator For Homes With Carpets

Fed up of constantly fighting stubborn dirt and grime that remain embedded in your carpet fibres after several attempts? A brush agitator is just what you need! This feature is commonly found below vacuum cleaners. The roller has attached bristles spanning the width base width. While the vacuum cleaner is operating, the brush agitator spins swiftly to dislodge stubborn dirt and grit from floors and carpets, making your vacuum cleaning task much easier and more convenient. Some vacuum models have a switch for turning the brush agitator off and on, so you can choose to use it when needed.

Headlights For Homes With Plenty Of Furniture

Navigating through heaps of chairs, sofas and tables can make vacuum cleaning a nightmare, especially when you can't see the residual dirt below these furniture pieces. A headlight attached to the base of vacuum cleaners will light up areas below furniture to improve your visibility and will make the task of cleaning dark spaces much simpler.

Edge Cleaner

Cleaning edges and other hard-to-reach areas can prove to be quite a challenge with vacuum cleaners, but you'll love the idea of a specialised edge cleaner to make your task of cleaning corners easy. This edge cleaning feature is useful for picking up dirt around corners where the wall and carpet meet. Vacuum models with this edge cleaner feature include some canister vacuum cleaners and most upright vacuum cleaners. 

Indicator For Full Container

Some vacuum cleaners have features to alert the user when the container or dust bag is full. Full vacuum bags hamper the machine's ability to perform at optimum, making your cleaning task more stressful. This feature is designed to signal when the vacuum bag is full. Certain vacuum models come with mechanical and electronic indicators to let you know when the bag is full, while some bag-less vacuum models have a transparent bin to help you notice a full vacuum. This feature is valuable for cleaning all types of surfaces because dirt will accumulate regardless of your cleaning surface.

These trendy features for vacuum cleaners will make your house cleaning task easier and more fun.