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Custom Kitchen Cabinets | 4 Steps To Undertake Before Painting Your Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Painting old kitchen cabinets is an economical way to give them a new lease on life without having to replace them. If you've decided to give your custom kitchen cabinets a new paint job, then you need to undertake certain steps to properly prepare for this task. Follow these steps before painting your custom kitchen cabinets.

Set Up The Kitchen For Painting

Before starting the paint job, you will need to empty all the cabinets and clear the counters below them to ensure that dripping paint doesn't fall over your freestanding appliances. Move all furniture items into other rooms and use newspaper to cover the countertops and walls around the cabinets. You can also use painter's tape to cover the edges between the countertops, cabinets and walls to prevent paint from spilling onto these areas. You will need an old table in the kitchen. This will be used for placing doors, shelves and drawers while painting.   

Remove Shelves, Doors and Drawers And Clean All Surfaces

Remove the doors from their hinges and take out the cabinets and drawers. This will make them easier to paint as you set them up on the old worktable in your kitchen. Keep the fastening screws, hinges and other hardware in a safe location because you will need them when you have to restore everything back to its original position. Make sure you ventilate the room properly and clean down all surfaces with soap water and a cloth to remove any dirt and debris lodged on them. Wait for every surface of your custom kitchen cabinets to thoroughly dry before painting.

Sand And Prime The Cabinet Surfaces

You should ideally sand all drawers, shelves, doors and cabinet boxes with medium-grit sandpaper to smoothen out the area before painting. Vacuum up the debris and wipe with a damp cloth to remove any residual dirt. You will need to brush paint primer onto all the cabinet surfaces before the actual paint job. Primer helps the paint better adhere to the cabinet surface and can be purchased from any home improvement store. Let the paint primer dry overnight before painting your custom kitchen cabinets.

Paint The Cabinet Surfaces

Start painting from the top to bottom for every shelf, door, cabinet box and drawer by brushing lightly across the surfaces. You can also use a smooth roller for applying the first coat of paint for even texture. You can then finish off the job with another coat of paint to give your custom kitchen cabinets a completely refreshed look. You can choose any colour paint you desire from a home improvement store. Wait until the paint dries completely before putting the drawers, shelves and doors back.

Follow these steps for painting your custom kitchen cabinets on your own. You can also get professional contractors to do the task if you're unsure of doing a good job.