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What to Do Immediately After Locking Your Keys in Your Car

Locking your keys in your car can be a frustrating and annoying experience, but if you want to get through the situation smoothly, you need to stay calm. Take a look at these tips. They will guide you through the experience:

1. Assess the safety of the situation.

Immediately after you have locked your keys in your car, you need to assess the safety of the situation and take care of that first.

Did you jump out of your car while it was double parked and leave it in a lane of traffic? If so, your first step needs to be making your car visible to oncoming traffic -- ideally, you should call the police so they can help you move it out of the way, but keep in mind that you may get a ticket for illegal parking.

In other cases, your child or a pet may be locked in the car. If it's cool, they can likely wait while you get the door unlocked, but if it's hot outside, the temperature can rise significantly in the car in a short amount of time, and you may need to break into the care forcibly.

2. Break into the car forcibly (if necessary).

If the situation is not safe and you cannot wait to get help, you can break into your car forcibly. The best way to break a car window is to use a small tool -- use the end of a screw driver, a broken bit of porcelain or the claw end of a hammer, and hit the top corner of the driver or passenger windows.

The centre of the window is typically stronger than the corners, and you have to use a pointed object because the safety glass used on most cars is designed to resist impact. If someone is in your car, break the window furthest from them as the glass will shatter.

3. Decide between calling a locksmith and getting your spare key.

Finally, if you are not in an emergency situation, you need to decide if you should go get your spare key or contact a locksmith. If you are near your home, it may be faster and cheaper to just run home or even take a cab home, grab your key and return to your car. Similarly, if a friend can bring you the spare key, that may be the fastest and cheapest option in some cases.

However, if you are far from home, in a hurry or in an illegal parking spot, you may want to call an auto locksmith and get help quickly. These professionals can help you get in your car and get back on the road.