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4 Nifty Considerations When Installing Blinds For Sliding Patio Doors

While blinds are typically installed as window treatments, they look equally magnificent when set against doors. When undertaking the blind installation process for sliding patio doors, you will need to consider certain factors to make the right decisions for your home. This guide will help you with nifty considerations when installing blinds for your sliding patio doors.

Choose Glide Opening Vertical Blinds For Easy Operation

Your patio sliding door opens sideways, so it may be a good idea to choose vertical blinds that open in the same manner for seamless functionality. Horizontal blind slats usually open and close upwards, but glide opening vertical blinds allow you to stack the panels neatly towards one side when you open and close doors, making them far more suited to your sliding or bi-fold patio doors during operation.

Choose Durable Materials For High-Traffic Doors

If you open and close your sliding patio doors often, then you will naturally operate your blinds regularly. Choosing flimsy materials like low-quality plastic will cause premature damage to your blinds, so make sure you choose durable materials like high-quality PVC, aluminium and timber for your sliding door treatments. Fabric blinds tend to get dirty easily, so they may not be ideal for homes that keep their sliding doors open frequently because outside dirt and debris could cause your blinds to get dirty more often than you desire.

Add Hold Down Brackets For Keeping Blinds Firmly In Place

When your blinds are shut and your sliding doors are open, they may swing because of heavy winds from outside. This can cause your blinds to loosen from the bracket and fall off, causing preventable damage to these door treatments. To prevent this from happening, install hold down brackets at the bottom of the blinds to keep them firmly in place. Hold-down brackets are easy to find at most home improvement or hardware stores to prevent your blinds from getting damaged thanks to excessive winds.

Establish Blind Colour Based On Your Personal Preferences

When choosing the blind colour for your sliding glass doors, you can either choose them to complement or contrast with your existing décor based on your personal preferences. Some homeowners like the idea of cohesive appeal, while others like the idea of create a focal point for defining outdoor and indoor spaces. For instance, if your indoor décor is neutrally coloured, you may want to choose a similar colour for your blinds, so that it seamlessly blends in with the existing room visuals. If you want to stand out, you can choose bright reds, oranges and blues to demarcate the space between your indoor room and outdoor patio.

These smart considerations enable you to make good decisions when installing blinds for your sliding glass doors.