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Stained Carpet? 4 Actions To Restore Your Baby Food Stained Carpet To Its Original Condition

Carpets deliver unparalleled aesthetic prowess in any room they adorn thanks to their plush and soft underfoot feel. While the visual appeal of carpets is unmatched, they require a little more maintenance than other types of flooring to keep them clean, especially when they are laden with stains. This carpet cleaning guide is designed to help you restore your baby food stained carpet to its original condition.

Bring Your Stain Removal Supplies Together

For this carpet cleaning task, you will need a blunt knife, laundry liquid detergent, cold water, a spray bottle, white dry towels, paper towels, a heavy book and a vacuum cleaner. Make sure the detergent is colour safe because your carpet colour can run.

Scrape Excess Baby Food Using The Blunt Knife

Using a blunt knife, scrape excess baby food from the carpet to remove as much as possible. Be careful when scraping because any extra pressure will either embed the stain deeper or may gouge the carpet, making it look far worse than before. Once you have scraped up the baby food from the carpet, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the scraps from the surface completely.

Mix And Apply A Liquid Detergent And Water Solution On The Stain

Mix a few drops of laundry liquid detergent in a spray bottle filled with cold water. Keep pouring a few drops until you notice froth beginning to form. Before applying this solution on the baby food stain, be sure to test it on an unobtrusive carpet area to ensure that the carpet remains undamaged after your application. Once you're satisfied, spray the baby food stain with the mixture, but do not saturate it completely. Dampening the surface is enough for your carpet cleaning task. Let this solution sit for several minutes on the stain but don't let it dry.

Blot The Stain With A Paper Towel

Blot the stain using a paper towel and work from the outside in. Blotting the stain and working from the outside towards the centre will prevent the stain from spreading onto other areas of the carpet. Repeat the spray and blotting step a few times until you're fully satisfied that the baby food stain has disappeared or until the paper towel no longer picks up any stain deposit. Place a clean white towel over the stained area and set a heavy book over it to expedite the process of absorption.

These steps should help you remove baby food stains on your carpets. If it remains, be sure to call a professional carpet cleaning company to ensure that your carpets look good as new once again.