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3 DIY Shelving Solutions Using Found Objects

When you start learning DIY tips and tricks around the home, one of the first things that you'll learn how to do is put up a shelf. The principle is fairly easy. You just have to put up some kind of level surface using a material, ensuring that the shelf isn't wonky. Typically, all you need to get started is a drill, some screws, and a spirit level from the hardware store.

And once you know how to put up a shelf, you can get really creative with your shelving ideas. There's no need to buy pre-packaged shelving from home stores when you have these cool ideas tucked up your sleeve.

Magazine holder shelf. You know those wooden magazine holders or file holders that you can buy in office supply stores? Well, guess what? They can be used for way more than just filing. And because they have perpendicular lines, you can fit them right into the corner of a room. What's more, you can place items within the magazine holder and on top for double the shelving fun. Simply pre-drill two holes into the magazine holder, and fix it to your wall by drilling in screws: easy.

Shelves made from books. This idea takes the bookshelf concept literally. Hardback books look seriously beautiful, and they are a ready-made level surface that can hold weight. So all you need to do is fix them to a wall to create small shelves for things like vases of flowers and ornaments. Now you can't drill the books straight into the wall, so what you need to do is invest in some brackets from your hardware store. Use one set of brackets for below the book, and one set for above, and your book shelves will be perfectly balanced.

Skateboard shelves. For a teenager's bedroom, you can integrate shelving solutions that are especially fun. A skateboard is perfect for an out of the ordinary shelf that makes a youthful, design statement. You may even be able to pick up used skateboards at thrift stores. Again, with skateboard shelves, you'll need to invest in some L brackets to hold up the weight of the skateboards, so don't opt for the cheapest versions, but something high quality.

Once you get into the habit of using different objects as shelving, you'll see shelving options everywhere you look – and all it takes to create something really special is some creativity, basic tools, and your free time.