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Planning an outdoor party in any kind of weather

Holding an outdoors party at home in autumn can be a challenge as the weather can be variable. Luckily if you have some simple party equipment nearby it can make the day run a lot more smoothly no matter what the weather. 


A marquee can give you extra flexibility in that it can protect guests from both light rain and the sun if you have a very sunny day (or, potentially both on the same day if you have sun showers!). Look for a marquee with a roll down side if you want to give some extra protection on a windy day, as your guests might not enjoy having wet leaves and garden waste blown against them even if the weather is otherwise pleasant. Party equipment hire stores have marquees available in a range of sizes suitable for any sort of party. 


Even if the weather is great for your event, the ground can be muddy and sticky after rains or frost. It can be a great idea to get some temporary flooring hired, which can mimic the feel of a real floor. This means that everyone can wear their favourite shoes without worrying about them getting mud logged or sinking into the ground. This flooring usually comes in a range of shades. 

Another good idea if you go for a harder and shinier option, such as a dance floor, is to have a floor drier on hand. These devices blast hot dry air parallel to the floor surface and are very efficient at keeping your floor dry which can prevent people having falls due to the wet flooring. 


It can also be a good idea, if you are worried about the temperature, to have some heating on site. Cafe style, standing gas heaters can be a very effective way to heat areas such as marquee space. These run on gas bottles so they can easily be hired and placed where ever you need. They can also be easily switched on and off as required, which gives you a lot of flexibility to keep the temperature constant if the weather changes.

If you are planning on running an outdoors function or party in autumn it's a great idea to have some items in place to help manage any weather that might occur. A party hire store can help to give you some advice on what party equipment might suit your event.