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3 Common Glitches That Can Affect Your Lawn Mower

If you have a lawn mower that you maintain regularly, wear and tear is still bound to happen, which causes the odd inevitable glitch. Listed below are three common glitches that happen to lawn mowers, with some solutions that should get your lawn mower working like new.

1. Your lawn mower stops working mid-mow

Sometimes, lawn mowers stop mid-mow for seemingly no good reason, but it is usually down to dirty spark plugs or air filters. There's often a tell-tale puttering noise by the engine before it shuts down altogether, so be sure to listen for this, and give your air filters and spark plugs a clean to get your mower going again. It's a good idea to make cleaning your air filters and spark plugs a regular part of your lawn maintenance regime. 

2. Your law mower just won't start

This common predicament could be happening for a few different reasons. The reason could be that the fuel is old, so if that is the case, the first step is to replace it with new and see if that fixes the problem. And, if you don't plan on using your mower for a while, drain your fuel tank before you put it away, especially if you're storing it through the colder months, so this problem doesn't reoccur,

Your lawn mower may also refuse to start if the air filter isn't clean, so this is also worth checking if your mower is acting up and won't start. Remove the air filter and give it a good clean with soap and hot water. 

If your mower still won't start, remove the spark plug and see if it's wet; your mower will never start unless the spark plug is dry, so if this is the problem, clean the plug with a little carburetor cleaner and leave it for a few minutes to dry off.

3. Your mower's starter rope won't work

Often, if you're having problems pulling the starter rope or if the starter rope appears to be stuck, it's down to the engine flywheel brake (the bar on the handle that stops the engine when you let go) being engaged. Before you pull the start rope, be sure that the bar is brought all the way down.

Sometimes the starter rope will fail to work if your mower blade is clogged up with grass clippings, so if this is the case, simply move the mower to a hard surface, turn it off, disengage the spark plug wire and get rid of any grass that is clogging up the mower. That should be enough to get it working again.