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Tips On Caring For 'Iceberg' Ornamental Standard Rose Trees

The 'Iceberg' standard ornamental rose tree is an extremely popular floribunda variety of rose that's widely grown for its beautiful, white blooms, which are produced in abundance throughout the spring and summer months.  You can find Iceberg ornamental rose trees at your local plant wholesalers.  Here's a quick guide on how to care for this delightful ornamental tree.

Site, soil type and fertiliser requirements

Iceberg roses prefer a site in partial shade but with plenty of sunshine during the flowering season in the summer. 

If your Iceberg rose tree is to thrive, you'll need to provide it with the correct soil type and adequate fertiliser.  The soil should be well-draining and must contain good nutrient levels.  When planting your ornamental rose tree, integrate some fine gravel into the planting area, and fork in some good-quality compost that contains nitrogen and magnesium.  This will prevent problems such as yellowing leaves, small flowers, and poor growth.

It's a good idea to give your Iceberg rose tree some rose-specific fertiliser once in the winter, once in the summer and again in the early autumn.  Seal in the goodness by adding a topping of organic bark mulch, which will also help to improve the soil structure and protect the tree's roots from becoming dehydrated.


Your Iceberg standard rose tree must be kept well-hydrated if it is to produce a good display of blooms.  This is particularly important when the buds are developing during the late spring and early summer months and through periods of very dry weather.  Ideally, you should water your rose tree two or three times each week so that the soil around the stem is kept moist, but not saturated.

Cane borer control

Iceberg roses are pretty hardy, but they can suffer from attack by cane borers.  Look out for tiny holes in the main, flower-bearing canes, and prune out any affected wood immediately to prevent the pests from spreading to the whole tree.

Trimming and pruning

The Iceberg standard rose tree requires regular pruning to keep it healthy and to maintain its classic shape and form.  If you don't give your ornamental rose tree this care, it will quickly become a tangled mess of canes, devoid of blooms and open to attack by pests.

To prune your Iceberg rose tree, wait until the plant is dormant in the late winter months so that it does not become stressed.  Pruning at this time also encourages the plant to produce new growth when the weather warms up in the spring.  Begin by taking out any canes that are spindly or thin, and then reduce what's left to a length of roughly 20 centimetres.  During the summer when the plant is flowering, cut away any dead flowers to encourage the rose to carry on flowering.

In conclusion

An Iceberg standard ornamental rose tree can make a very attractive addition to your garden planting scheme.  Ask at your local plant wholesaler's, such as Din San Nursery, for more information and to see a selection of specimens.