Reasons to Change out Those Curtains In Favour Of Blinds

Windows take up a significant amount of wall space. Therefore, they end up being an integral part of your interior decorating. Although curtains are one of the more traditional ways to decorate your windows, they are not the only alternative to window furnishing. Blinds can offer you aesthetic appeal with enhanced functionality, which has made their popularity soar in recent years. The following are some of the reasons why you should contemplate switching out your curtains in favour of blinds.

3 Things to Do Before Moving Into Your New Home

Moving into a new home can be messy and a lot of hard-work. It is a refreshing but challenging venture. However, with a good to-do list, you will enjoy making the move. Other than getting to know your neighbours and thoroughly inspecting your new house, here are some few things you need to keep at the top of your list. Pest-proof your new house Pests have always been a nuisance as no one wants to share their home with uninvited guests let alone disease-causing ones.

Five Fire Safety Tips for People Who Weld in Their Garages

If you plan to do any welding in your garage, you are going to be producing a lot of sparks in a relatively small space. To ensure you don't burn down your garage or the rest of your home, you need to take some fire safety precautions. Here are some tips to help: 1. Remove dangerous combustible items. Before you start welding, reduce the risk of fire by removing anything combustible from your garage.

Cool And Clean: Keeping A Split Air Conditioner's Outdoor Condenser Clean And Free Of Pathogens

A split air conditioner system can be a tremendous boon for people living in the hottest parts of Australia, with the outdoor condenser unit ensuring that none of the hot air it vents makes it back inside your home or place of business. However, while placing your condenser outside can significantly improve efficiency, it also means that you will have to protect your condenser from dirt, mould, bacteria and other nasty pathogens.

Tips On Caring For 'Iceberg' Ornamental Standard Rose Trees

The 'Iceberg' standard ornamental rose tree is an extremely popular floribunda variety of rose that's widely grown for its beautiful, white blooms, which are produced in abundance throughout the spring and summer months.  You can find Iceberg ornamental rose trees at your local plant wholesalers.  Here's a quick guide on how to care for this delightful ornamental tree. Site, soil type and fertiliser requirements Iceberg roses prefer a site in partial shade but with plenty of sunshine during the flowering season in the summer.

Reasons to Install Aluxor Awnings on Your Outdoor Living Space

An outdoor living space in the form of a deck or a patio is a great way to enjoy nature right from the comfort of your home. However, some homeowners do not put much thought into additional shelter for their outdoor living space as long as it has roofing. As such, you will find when the weather is not conducive; some homeowners will not spend any time at their deck or patio.

5 Tips for Removing Watermarks From Teak Furniture

With its rich colour and beautiful grain, teak furniture is a gorgeous addition to any home, but it can easily develop stains if you allow water to sit on the surface. Use these tips to protect your teak furniture from unsightly watermarks. 1. Act Quickly Wipe up any spills from your teak furniture as quickly as possible. Blotting the surface with a towel can remove most of the water, but some can still lurk inside and turn into a watermark.

3 Common Glitches That Can Affect Your Lawn Mower

If you have a lawn mower that you maintain regularly, wear and tear is still bound to happen, which causes the odd inevitable glitch. Listed below are three common glitches that happen to lawn mowers, with some solutions that should get your lawn mower working like new. 1. Your lawn mower stops working mid-mow Sometimes, lawn mowers stop mid-mow for seemingly no good reason, but it is usually down to dirty spark plugs or air filters.

3 Important Living Room Furniture Pieces and How to Buy Them

Buying furniture is a significant home investment, and one that will directly impact the d├ęcor of your space for a long time to come. Being that furniture isn't something you can replace every year or two, you want to carefully consider and save up before replacing a single item, so that you get a good return for your investment. Below are three important living room furniture pieces, and the qualities you should look for when buying for best results.

Staircase Railings: Why They Are More than Just a Safety Feature for Your Staircases

Staircase railings are a common safety feature in many multi-storey residential buildings. If you are building a new multi-floor apartment and are thinking of installing railings on your staircases, you need to be aware that staircase railings are more than just a safety addition. As the following points will indicate, there are other important advantages that you can reap from these railings. Aesthetics Want to make a big statement with regards to the style of your apartment building?