5 ways to cut your heating bill with a greener home

Concerned about the cost of heating your home in winter? It takes time and investment to become completely self-sufficient, but even a quick DIY project will make a dent in your bill. Here are five short- and long-term options for reducing your heating costs. Install an air source heat pump Air source heat pumps draw warmth from outside the home, pump it up and expel it inside. Surprisingly, this system is so efficient it even works in cold weather. [Read More]

The Hottest Trends in Kitchens That You'll Want in Your Home

Today's kitchen remodels are about more than just repainting. When you want to upgrade your kitchen, you'll want to think about how to make it more functional as well as more inviting, and choose materials that work for you personally. Note a few of the hot trends in kitchens that you'll want to consider for your home and why they're such popular choices: 1. Recycled, reclaimed, and Eco-friendly materials Homeowners are becoming more and more aware of how upgrades and renovations to their home affect the environment, especially when they need to harvest virgin materials for flooring and countertops. [Read More]

Kitchen Resurfacing Ideas for Those on a Tight Budget

Having a limited budget doesn't mean you need to put off resurfacing your kitchen, as there are many affordable options available to homeowners today. This is true no matter the overall look you want to achieve for your kitchen and no matter the surface that needs redoing. Before you decide that you cannot afford to resurface an area of your kitchen, note a few of those affordable options: 1. Use recycled and reclaimed materials [Read More]

3 Ways to Shape Your Garden & Ultimately Secure Your Home

It's never a pleasant thought to consider, but without implementation of the necessary precautions and safety measures, your home will always remain at risk of burglary, invasion and vandalism. It's absolutely vital that you do everything in your power to keep your household protected at all costs, and shrewdly landscaping your garden is just one of the many ways to do so. Your garden is what every budding thief is forced to try and conquer first, and by designing and shaping the front of your house in particular way, you can make criminal entry into your home extremely difficult to manage. [Read More]