Planning an outdoor party in any kind of weather

Holding an outdoors party at home in autumn can be a challenge as the weather can be variable. Luckily if you have some simple party equipment nearby it can make the day run a lot more smoothly no matter what the weather.  Marquee A marquee can give you extra flexibility in that it can protect guests from both light rain and the sun if you have a very sunny day (or, potentially both on the same day if you have sun showers! [Read More]

Stained Carpet? 4 Actions To Restore Your Baby Food Stained Carpet To Its Original Condition

Carpets deliver unparalleled aesthetic prowess in any room they adorn thanks to their plush and soft underfoot feel. While the visual appeal of carpets is unmatched, they require a little more maintenance than other types of flooring to keep them clean, especially when they are laden with stains. This carpet cleaning guide is designed to help you restore your baby food stained carpet to its original condition. Bring Your Stain Removal Supplies Together [Read More]

4 Nifty Considerations When Installing Blinds For Sliding Patio Doors

While blinds are typically installed as window treatments, they look equally magnificent when set against doors. When undertaking the blind installation process for sliding patio doors, you will need to consider certain factors to make the right decisions for your home. This guide will help you with nifty considerations when installing blinds for your sliding patio doors. Choose Glide Opening Vertical Blinds For Easy Operation Your patio sliding door opens sideways, so it may be a good idea to choose vertical blinds that open in the same manner for seamless functionality. [Read More]

How to Finish Your New Exterior Timber Plantation Shutters

Exterior timber plantation shutters add style and beauty to your windows whilst also being practical and functional. It's a good idea to finish your timber shutters in order to protect them from the weather and to help them last longer. Here's how to do it: What you'll need rubbing alcohol clean cloths stain-blocking primer clear primer for use with exterior wood stain paint brushes exterior wood stain acrylic or polyurethane top coat You can obtain all you need from good DIY stores. [Read More]